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Stepping Servo Motors (Closed Loop)

Place of Orgin: China

Brand Name: Sicea

Model Number: 17HS6405-01E, 23HS3401-01E 

Application:Widely used in various fields of automation control

Certication: CCC, CE ISO9001

Construction: Permanent Magnet

Protect Feature: Waterproof

Supply Ability: 50000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Package Details: Standard Packaging Suitable for Long-distance Transportation

【Series】:Stepping Servo Motor

Stepping Servo Motors (Closed Loop)

1. Introduction

Stepping servo is an innovative revolution in the field of stepper motors. It incorporates servo control technology in stepper motors to create a product with outstanding performance and comprehensive functions, which is widely used in various fields of automation control. In particular, the intelligent integrated stepping product includes a stepping motor, a driver, a motion controller and an encoder, which integrates each unit in the stepping system into a whole,
and the space is reduced by more than 40%, and the wiring is reduced by more than 50%. It has good e lectro magnetic compa tibility and simple system topology, which greatly increases the reliability and practicability of the stepping system. It is a good choice for customers with small installation space and high system integration. Performance Parameters

2. Performance Parameters

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