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Infrared windows/lenses

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: MFLaser

Material: Glass

Usage: Infrared

Application: infrared imaging

Wavelength: 1 μm~14 μm

Optical design: T ≥98%

Coatings type: AR coatings

AOI: Customer settings

Size: Customer settings

【Series】:IR optics

Product Description                                        

IR windows/lenses

Coated components, which can separate the infrared radiation of the object and ensure the receiving of specific wavelength signals, are mainly used in infrared guidance and infrared imaging.

It is best to use 3-5 m band for the detection and imaging of high temperature target , also known as mid-wave infrared.
It is best to use the 8-12 m band for the detection and imaging of normal temperature target, also known as long-wave infrared.
Double-color infrared optical window has high transmittance in both 3-5 m and 8-12 m dual bands.

Please email us your specific requirements and we can customize the products for your applications.


 IR-Longpass (LP) Filter on Si, Ge, ZnS





Infrared night vision

Infrared guidance



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