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High damage threshold laser optics

Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: MFLaser

Application: Laser systems with high performance

High damage thresholds: ≥60J/cm2/3ns@1064 nm

Wavelength: 355 nm,532 nm,1064 nm

Optical design: R≥99.5%

AOI: 0°45°56°

Coatings: HR coatings

Size: Customer settings



【Series】:Laser optics

Product Description                                        

High energy laser coatings

MFLaser can design and produce high damage threshold optical components for almost all types of high power laser applications. 

Please email us your specific requirements and we can customize the products for your applications.





> Laser Cutting 

> High Power

> Laser Marking Machine

> .. Many More


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